I learned the idiom, "Hard Work Pays Off," when I had my first trumpet  1st audition in the sixth grade for the CRAMER HILL ROUGH RIDERS DRUM & BUGLE CORP. Fear ran through my young veins, as I prepared for that audition. It wasn't until my wise Grandmother Wagner explained." If you work hard and do your best, you've done your job!" 120% was my motto and I ended up as the youngest 1st soprano in the corp.

Ms. Wagner received her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, PA. Upon graduation, Wagner played at the casinos in Atlantic City, N.J. before moving to Los Angeles.

As a professional Trumpet Player, we wear many hats on our road to perfection however I put out Producer, Music Contractor, and SAG Actress, Deb has recorded alongside Grammy-nominated artists. Her work as Music Director/Conductor of the  Governors Ball Orchestra. a sideman with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and a music contractor for the Emmy Awards Governors Ball. 

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