Teacher Performance Expectations

#2 Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments

Figure 1.1 - Creating Structure through Classroom Design

Effective physical layout of the classroom promotes positive teacher-student interactions, creates the path for smooth transitions, and prevents disruptive behavior.


Here are four elements to creating an effective physical classroom structure:

1  Define traffic patterns:allow movement without disrupting others. 

2.  Label all materials; organize them to ensure they are easily accessible when needed.

3. Arrange the desks and furniture in the classroom so that you can see students at all times and you have easy access to all areas of the classroom. 

4.) Create and teach systems for turning in work and retrieving graded work.

Creating an Effective Classroom Environment through Structure

As Teachers, we must take a proactive, innovative approach to classroom arrangements, curriculum, and learning techniques. Most importantly, it is important to clearly communicate goals and expectations—the minute students enter the classroom on the first day of school. ROUTINE!


For this lesson, the expectations for the student outcome was stated at the beginning:

1. Students write what they already know

2. Introduce essential vocabulary.

3. Address student questions concisely for  comprehension; always check for progress.

4. KahootIt a game and an assessment. 

5. Provide instructions for homework; 

reminders for office hours for additional help.


— Name, Title

Figure 1.2 - Creating Structure through Classroom Routines
Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment 
Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for centering the role of African Americans in U.S. history. BHM also provides an opportunity for students to gain understanding of the past and present plight of African Americans. 
For this lesson, I created a Google Slide Presentation, a small group discussion in Breakout Rooms and a Kahoot-It assessment. By chunking the lesson up into smaller segments, students are better able to comprehend the material.
While teaching about Black History Month, I was mindful of presenting harsher information in a way that was appropriate for their age range.
Figure 1.3 - Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment
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