Teacher Performance Expectations #3:

Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter


Student Tutorial for

Self-paced Lesson in NEARPOD

Figure 1.1  Ancient Greece Homework Tutorial

For this lesson, I learned how to use Screencastify to create a tutorial for my History Students on how to access a self-paced NEARPOD lesson. This process also enabled me Utilize the strategy, Backward Planning; I was able to design learning experiences and instructional techniques to achieve specific learning goals in the NearPod Lesson.


I watched four short tutorials before accessing Screencastify, which is a Google Chrome Extension. I was not able to create a seamless video using Screencastify, so the exported video was imported into video editing software (iMovie) where I was able to make the cuts, increase volume, and add text and transitions.


My students found it helpful to view the tutorial prior to completing the Lesson on their own because they already were introduced to the objectives, expectations, and directions. The tutorial also allows students to gain the confidence they need to complete work individually.

 If any part of the lesson is difficult for a majority of the students, it is easy to go back and rephrase the lesson to better suit the students' needs and allow for accurate comprehension.

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