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Teacher Performance Expectations #1:
Engaging and Supporting all Students in Learning


Provide students with opportunities to access the curriculum by incorporating the visual and performing arts, as appropriate to the content and context of learning and monitor student learning and adjust instruction while teaching so that students continue to be actively engaged in learning.

Making Coffee
Student Run Coffee Shop Commercial
The first Artifact I chose to present transpired during a long-term teaching assignment at Miller Career and Transition Center (MCTC), a facility that provides employment training for young adults with special needs. I was the teacher overseeing the management of the student-run coffee shop, SPECIAL BEANS and encouraged the students to focus on writing a business plan to increase sales. We used an analytical approach to review, problem solve and determine a marketing strategy. To further increase sales, an idea was conceptualized to create a v vehicle for he entire Special Beans staff and our customers to be part of their story. I wrote, and directed our  Special Beans Commercial and my daughter edited the piece and wrote/sang the jingle at the end. I hope you enjoy it!
Artifact 1.1- Student Run Coffee Shop Commercial
Our Goal

To increase customer base, students needed to answer the "WHY" question— customers generate revenue which is needed to pay for the expenses for the Coffee Shop, otherwise the business would not survive. The situation presented a great hands-on learning opportunity into the world of running a business. I tasked the students to find solutions to promote the business and they worked in small groups on solutions. The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skills were of great benefits to the students because they were also working on their soft skills. This activity also provided an opportunity for students to connect the subject matter to real-life contexts and provide active learning experiences which support student motivation and extend their learning. This Commercial was a creative way to document their hard work, provide an interactive activity that allowed all the students to be part of the project in some way—Actors, Assistant Director, Production Assistants, Lighting, Sound, Coffee Bar workers, costume, set design, as well as to engage all students in the class. The best part came when we debuted the Commercial to the entire school-so many smiling faces—priceless!
Observation Sheet
For Artifact 1.2, I chose to share a review from my University Supervisor, who broke down the TPE's I used throughout my lesson.

While reading through her observations, one can see that she recalled the use of visual and performance arts, such as background music that was played on a timer via Alexa. Additionally, she focused on the monitoring of student engagement throughout the class.

I was fortunate to have an amazing University Supervisor who used her your expertise and experience to guide my development and ensure that my teaching practices were academically sound and I demonstrated realistically appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
Thank you Ms. Okpara!
Artifact 1.2 - Observation Form from my lesson on Feb. 10, 2021
Art Class
1.4.Islamic - Google Jamboard.jp2
Figure 1.3 - Opening Question in JamBoard Example
Illustrated Family
Figure 1.4 - Get-Well JamBoard Example
Artifact 1.3 is a student Jamboard in response to the Opening Question, "Post examples for Ancient Islamic culture, architecture, or food from The Islamic World. History is about many of the same sub-categories that are cross curriculum, such as example  student favorite technology I love to utilize to engage students at the beginning of a lesson; an interactive platform called Google JamBoard. Students love the collaborative element that is presented in a visual way as a context for learning. The initial question "If you could take any animal home from the zoo, which animal would you choose?" also builds upon SEL principles. While the students posted to the JamBoard, I utilized the help of ALEXA as a timer requesting to hear music that is aligned with the content while the students work. When the music ended, we engaged in group discussions and referred to the visuals to keep their interest.

Artifact 1.4 was an idea that came from one of my students, who articulated to the class how sad she was over her fellow classmate who had entered the hospital for an extended stay. Her fears was well-founded—what if he contracted COVID-19? What if he was put on a ventilator? Excellent questions considering we were in the middle of a Global Pandemic 
I asked her opinion on an appropriate course of action. Since we had been utilizing Jamboard in class, her idea to create a Get-Well Jamboard. The Get-well message provided an opportunity for all the students to express their support and contribute to the social-emotional well-being of  their classmate.— a lesson in communication, empathy, and teamwork.
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