Teacher Performance Expectations #1:

Engaging and Supporting all Students in Learning

To engage students at the beginning of a lesson, I use an interactive platform called JamBoard. I began by posing an initial question ("If you could take any animal home from the zoo, which animal would you choose?"). While the students posted to the JanBoard, I utilized the help of ALEXA as a timer requesting to hear music that was aligned with the content while the students worked. When the music ended, we engaged in group discussions and referred to the visuals to keep their interest.
This strategy provides students the time to switch gears from their previous class into a new topic, as well as allows the teacher and teacher's aides to welcome the students into the classroom for the day. Additionally, it allows time to communicate with any students who are late or gives the teacher time to reach out to parents if a student is absent.JamBoard is also a great tool to allow all students to participate in the lesson at the same time.
Figure 1.1 - Opening Question in JamBoard Example
Figure 1.2-Kahootit - Assessment & Engagement
Figure 1.3 - Student Run Coffee Shop Commercial
Figure 1.4 - Drama Students on a Field Trip to
Cal State Northridge Theater Department for a Tour.
While teaching at Miller Career and Transition Center, I had the opportunity to oversee the on-campus, student coffee shop, SPECIAL BEANS.
My first goal was to teach the students the concepts of running a business—they must be involved in ALL aspects that Business—including communication, social skills, and building a customer base through advertising skills.
My second goal was to focus on an advertisement; without customers, the Coffee Shop would not survive. We decided to write a commercial that could be shown throughout the school in order to promote their business, incorporating skills such as Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). The process allowed each student to become a stakeholder in the Coffee Shop. The bonus was the look on the students' faces when we "premiered" the commercial during the assembly—PRICELESS!
While working to write, film, and edit the commercial, students were using both critical and creative thinking skills. By relating this experience to real-life situations, students were more motivated to participate and follow through with the exercise.
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