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Teacher Performance Expectations #6:
Developing as a Professional Educator


Establish professional learning goals and make progress to improve their practice by routinely engaging in communication and inquiry with colleagues. Reflect on teaching practice and level of subject matter and pedagogical knowledge to plan and implement instruction that can improve student learning.

Ms.Wagners Music Camp

Ms.Wagners Music Camp

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Artifact 6.1 Ms Deb's Summer Music Camp
Artifact #6.1  I included this Artifact to demonstrate the need to re-evaluate teaching strategies in order to differentiate each student's learning needs.
When I gave birth to my daughter Ella in 2004, I took advantage of every opportunity to expose Ella to all types of music classes; Mommy & Me (6 mo.), Kindermuzik (age 2), Piano Play (age 4), and I chose a school that incorporated music, drama, and dance into their curriculum. I  loved teaching Ella. and in 3rd grade parents approached me about creating a summer music program. It was called “MS DEBS MUSIC CAMP” and the focus was on building music skills and confidence in young girls.
Ages 6-9 and most girls had been exposed to music but needed experience and guidance to fulfill their potential.
The opening number, "Happiness Is . . ."
Artifact 6.2 - I chose to display my Educational Goals for the world to see. As a Teacher I observed students in 8th grade who struggled with reading. I wanted to recommend reading material that was revelant to their age (tweens and teens) other than "One Fish, Two Fish." I focused on academic vocabulary options as recommended by my University Supervisor. 
I chose to introduce  our vocabulary terms to a rhythmic beat. This technique also helped with enunciation of the words. I began to conceptualize a multi-media room with screens with sight words, a translation option, a definition all by playing a game. What if we presented content like ken Burns presents documentaries? An idea was born to open a Learning Center.
Here are my goals and more to come . . . 
Artifact 6.2 Educational Goals
Artifact 6.3 - I chose to include the Padagogy Wheel—a teaching method that determines how we utilize applications. It is truly a cool way to present how might use an app yet it includes what you need to do simultaneously, such as to think about how I may use apps to plan and implement instruction that can improve student learning by focusing on the program you are instructing. IThis strategy drives innovation, and not the other way around.
Artifact 6.3 Pedagogy Wheel
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